Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Business

So it's been a few months since i quit the corporate world and so far i'm loving it! turns out the fast paced life was not really meant for me. In fact i don't think it's good for anyone. It just leaves you bored,drained and tired. 
Moving on, my husband an i have decided to develop the business. We have around 100 cows of all sizes and types and we are mainly a dairy farm but have so far expanded a little and we now dabble at some beekeeping and free range eggs :) we have also set up a facebook page to try and get some sales going and so far it's been slow but on the right track. 

What we sell are all natural and freshly made, milk, halloum, karishe, akkawi, baladiye cheese as well as honey, eggs and olive oil. Our clients are still mostly our family but i guess you need to start somewhere right?! 
We are also planning to take part in a few local food markets in Beirut next month so fingers crossed for that as well!