Monday, October 28, 2013

Thank you Bees!

I love bees!! i love honey!
I never knew i actually liked honey even though we always had it in our house. My parents used to buy the usual commercial stuff and i never seemed to like that, it was always too sweet for my liking and i knew they had to add sugar to mass produce otherwise the jar would cost a lot more than it did.

Finally this year we got to taste our very own honey from our very own hard working wonderful bees and let me assure was everything i had hoped it would be..sure it had a bit of a smokey flavor from my husband using the smoker around the little buzzers a lot but thats ok...i still think it's pretty awesome tasting :)

whats really getting on my nerves these days is all those articles i am stumbling upon about all the dead bees...millions and millions dying for no reason! they just up and die on their definitely has to do with all the nasty pesticides used on the plants and veggies we eat mindlessly and that needs to change. I read a few articles about the USA trying to ban the use of a few products and i really hope these things are banned worldwide..people do not seems to be aware of the importance of bees but the fact is 4 years after the bees are dead we are dead!! no more mankind!!! so simple yet it seems we are headed that way...spread the word! love the bees!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Grow My Business!

It has been so long since i last posted and i feel so bad!! We've been super busy and i will shortly tell u one of the things that's been keeping us busy :)

A few months back i was browsing the net and came across a competition called Grow My Business for small businesses that gives them a chance to grow by winning an amount of money so i applied..the process was fairly simple..all i had to do was answer a few simple questions and to be honest i never thought anything would happen beyond that point..

A month later we got an email saying we have been chosen as one of the top 25 finalists..we were so happy especially since it was a genuine surprise..I had applied saying we have an online business selling fresh milk and dairy products and wish to grow by opening a retail store in Beirut. The email stated that we had a 2 day training on business and marketing stuff so we attended and met a few other participants..
After the training we got another email with a deadline for submitting relatively short business plans...i worked my butt off to finish on time especially since i have never written a business plan in my entire life and know nothing about it..coming from an IT major!!
I researched and banged my head a few times and it was over. We submitted well before the deadline and decided to forget about the competition for a while and not get over excited since a novice such as myself had prepared the business papers hehe
Well a few weeks later we got the email that we are now in the top 12!!!! we were over the moon and this gave me so much confidence that i actually seemed like i know wat im talking about lol..we had a presentation coming up and the nerves started flowing..

I prepared the entire presentation but told my husband there is no way i will be the one presenting. That had to be him especially since he has some experience in previous work presenting to the sales team and such. 
It was a Monday (2 weeks ago) and our appointment was at 11:30 AM. We showed up with my husband almost puking of nervousness and finally it was our turn. It went ok..i will not say perfect because certainly the nerves played a role and some of the questions asked could have been better answered but none the less we were proud we got this far and decided to cross our fingers for the finals. (even tho i am quite sure as with everything in this country some sort of political influence will take part and will be the final decision maker).
Yesterday we received the email that the winners will be announced on the 22nd of October at Bank Audi in Down Town. Let's just say i'm not counting much on it but it would be quite awesome!!