Monday, December 16, 2013

Time for Soup!

Well winter suddenly hit hard this year and and all out storm came knocking last week. Only it did not bring much rain with it from Russia, only extremely low temperatures :S
Alexa was here last week and we are still freezing even though we have been blessed with some sun since yesterday.
I have successfully avoided all and any types of housework last week hehe eeekh i know but seriously i could not leave the only room with heating. Doing the dishes and showering has been hell and you need glorious comfort food every day to survive so i have been making more soups than ever!
Pity though i just noticed i did not take any pictures of any of the soups i had made but will very soon i promise..some were divine..others not so much hehe

I will also be sharing my favorite recipes soon :) so far i have been fortunate to come across the awesome leafy green Swiss Chard and it has been an amazing addition to my veggie soup..i promise i'll get back with pics and recipes soon. I have to log off for not because i can't feel my fingers lol