Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Surprise Bee Hive

Today began as a quiet regular day. I had breakfast, finished my morning chores and it was time for lunch. My husband had been craving chicken fajita sandwiches and fries so I decided to do those. I realized halfway that we are out of potatoes but luckily we keep some in stock at the storage cabin in the back yard so i made my way there.
I got there, opened the door and saw a couple of bees flying around and there was an echoing loud buzzing noise in the cabin. It was unusual and i knew i had come across a hive of some sort so i yelled for my husband who came right away and discovered that a queen bee and her army had made their way into an empty hive we had kept in the cabin. 

It was such a nice surprise, we tidied them up and opened the hive appropriately for them to enter and make it officially their home oh and i did manage to make some fries after all hehe

Apparently When bees decide to move to a new home and begin a new colony, "scouts" head out to find a location. These bees are able to travel many miles form the original hive but still find the way back to the colony. Wild bees usually prefer rock crevices, hollow trees and other small, enclosed areas for hives. Once the scouts have found a suitable location, they return to the colony and lead the other bees there. The bees, including the queen, fill their stomachs with honey for the long journey to the site of the new nest. Food that is not digested is regurgitated and used as building materials for the new hive.