Monday, November 25, 2013

How to Make Karishe

Today I had some karishe and honey for breakfast and decided why not share with all of you the super easy way to make this delicious and healthy dessert!? so here goes..

for 500grams of Karishe you will only need:
1- 2kgs raw milk.
2- 0.5 teaspoon of calcium chloride or household citric acid both mixed with a little water.

1- Heat the milk to 95 degrees Celsius.
2- Add the Calcium Chloride or Citric Acid.
3- Lower heat and you will start seeing the Karishe pile up at the top just like the pic below

4- wait 30-60mins until all the Karishe is piled up and scoop out into a bowl.
5- Add as much of the left over liquid in the pot as you like (since some people prefer a more moist Karisher).

And that is it!!
super simple and easy :) 
You can top it off with some honey, sugar, jam, marmalade, really anything you want to satisfy your sweet tooth and enjoyyyyy