Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our First Review

We just got an amazing call!
A few weeks ago we contacted the man behind No Garlic No Onions which is one of the most famous review sites in Lebanon. Dr Anthony reviews restaurants and all types of food mainly. So my husband got the idea of why not sending some free samples to see how our products rate with a well known critic.

Today we got the verdict! My husband got a call from Dr Rahayel who told him he had written a post about the goodies we had sent so he rushed into the house and we read it.

I’m happy to now tell you that we have a new company that offers premium quality Dairy products with a certain finesse I’ve been waiting to taste for some time now.
It seems that they take care and pamper their cows even more than the one on TV…
These are just a few of the awesome comments we received. We are happy to know where we stand with professional critics and hope to keep moving forward. :)

check out the full version here: