Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Self Sustainable Life

A few weeks back we decided why not grow our own fruits and veggies!!
We have the land and the resources so let's put them all to use. My husband went and bought a few plants of everything. Beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, name it, we got it! 

We were so excited and we started with the planting one afternoon hoping to grow them organically of course. It took quite a while since the land is a bit big and there was a lot to plant but finally after like 3 hours and some help it was done!

We are so proud and have been watering them daily and plucking the weeds and everything.

It's so weird that a few years ago i was so into the whole city life and everything and now i love my life! I really hope we would be able to accomplish all we want and succeed with the whole self sustainable life style. There is nothing worse than buying things and wishing you knew where they came from or how they were grown. Especially since in our beloved country there is no control whatsoever!! the government is practically none existing so we are trying to keep it clean our own way.
Here's a before and after pic! its been around 20 days and i can already see baby cucumbers and zucchini. So exciting :)