Saturday, May 4, 2013

Farm Visits

It feels like such a long time since i last posted! i haven't had much time lately but there is so much to share. I have had some personal engagements mainly some paperwork and preparation to visit my sister in the Netherlands next month which i am super excited about as well as some farm related ideas and tiny projects.
We have had a few guests on the farm. All people we know like my previous boss and his family as well as my cousin and her family kind of to prepare ourselves for the eco tourism project we wish to eventually master.
We are having mainly tours for the children and showing them around, teaching them about the animals whether cows, chickens, bees and even the dogs who seem to be enjoying having new people over the most hehe

The last visit was my cousin and her family who passed by last Friday and enjoyed themselves a lot. We had breakfast of all local dairy products and eggs and my cousin actually gave me a nice idea of opening a bed and breakfast here. It's quite interesting coz there is not much financing needed and we already have some empty rooms so that is a project i will definitely be giving more thought.

It's such a nice feeling to see the kids enjoying themselves so much. they never want to leave and they ask the cutest questions. Last time Yvan (pic on the left) was like what's milking?! after we had asked him whether he wants to milk the cow. 
We hope to be inspirational to the kids and have a positive influence on them as well as educate them on farm and animal related issues which then they would share with their friends and who knows maybe a few farmers will evolve! :)