Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Spring Cleaning, Fixing and Building!

I love spring! it's my favorite time of year! as i am sure it is for many people. These past few days me and my husband have been busy trying to make the front and backyard look nicer and more well...springy hehe
My husband has become quite the handy man with carpentry surprisingly! He had no idea he had it in him until one day i told him i need a dining room table and downloaded what seemed like a fairly easy design and step by step build-your-own table online and gave it to him. A week later he had made a great table, i love it! it's everything i have ever wanted my dining room table to be and it costs a quarter of what it would actually cost if we bought it done.
Then he did the dining room chairs and a walk in closet! Amazing husband really!!
This time he wanted to do a picnic table so he downloaded all the sizes and design and started and was done in 3 hours lol he got the hang of it and of course when it's time for painting and color choice then it's my job!
Here's a few pics to show you what i'm talking about hehe

Today we spent the morning building a sort of support for one of the roses we have that is just kind of bursting's trying to hang on the sides but it keeps falling over on the ground and well it needed some support. 

Feels great when you create something from nothing and we also bought these lovely roses for planting around the house.