Friday, April 5, 2013

Sick Chickens :(

This has not been the best week. The weather is changing daily from super hot to cold and so the cows and chickens are suffering.
We noticed last week a few sneezing chickens and so gave them the proper vitamins. A day or 2 later, a few of the chicks were found dead. Then a day later, it was like a massacre, there was almost 5 dead chicks and one big chicken. It's so sad when you care for and raise animals and this happens. We noticed a few symptoms and asked the vet who gave us a medicine for the case. We are treating them but still we are unsure about the causes and why this is happening. I'm in the process or doing my research hopefully we would not face this again. 
I told my husband not to get too depressed about the matter since we are new to the whole chicken raising thing and we will eventually get the hang of it. Till then, I hope we don't see any more poor dead chicks :(