Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sick Moos!!

It seems all i've been writing recently is bad news! WTH! i really hate this and seriously don't mean to make you all miserable :( but i don't know why all we have been going through recently is sad. Here's hopefully the last of the upsetting news i'll share...
Recently we have been hearing about this awful cow disease taking over the area and we were happy all our cows were healthy and not showing any signs. Then we did something quite dumb if i may say so myself and bought 2 new cows and Ta Da! one of them started showing signs of the disease a few days after we got her. She had unstable body temperature, lack of appetite and small wart looking like lumps on the udder amongst other areas (somewhat like cigarette burns) that develop to become quite big before eventually death.
Luckily my husband noticed the early signs and contacted all the vets he knew and was finally able to get a diagnosis (since no one had knows what it was and people were losing cattle left and right). It turned out to be Lumpy Skin Disease and can be treated yay!! so we directly started with the treatments and all the rest of the moos have been vaccinated and hopefully we dodged a bullet!
I really hope things start to look up for us. Again sorry for the pessimistic posts!