Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Our First Review

We just got an amazing call!
A few weeks ago we contacted the man behind No Garlic No Onions which is one of the most famous review sites in Lebanon. Dr Anthony reviews restaurants and all types of food mainly. So my husband got the idea of why not sending some free samples to see how our products rate with a well known critic.

Today we got the verdict! My husband got a call from Dr Rahayel who told him he had written a post about the goodies we had sent so he rushed into the house and we read it.

I’m happy to now tell you that we have a new company that offers premium quality Dairy products with a certain finesse I’ve been waiting to taste for some time now.
It seems that they take care and pamper their cows even more than the one on TV…
These are just a few of the awesome comments we received. We are happy to know where we stand with professional critics and hope to keep moving forward. :)

check out the full version here:

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Self Sustainable Life

A few weeks back we decided why not grow our own fruits and veggies!!
We have the land and the resources so let's put them all to use. My husband went and bought a few plants of everything. Beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, name it, we got it! 

We were so excited and we started with the planting one afternoon hoping to grow them organically of course. It took quite a while since the land is a bit big and there was a lot to plant but finally after like 3 hours and some help it was done!

We are so proud and have been watering them daily and plucking the weeds and everything.

It's so weird that a few years ago i was so into the whole city life and everything and now i love my life! I really hope we would be able to accomplish all we want and succeed with the whole self sustainable life style. There is nothing worse than buying things and wishing you knew where they came from or how they were grown. Especially since in our beloved country there is no control whatsoever!! the government is practically none existing so we are trying to keep it clean our own way.
Here's a before and after pic! its been around 20 days and i can already see baby cucumbers and zucchini. So exciting :)

Friday, May 17, 2013


It seems it's the season for babiessssssss
The farm is full of newborns and cuties :)

Here's a pic of our latest baby calf who is here after a long wait. 
We also have a few puppies that were born a few days ago. We spent ages looking for the mom's hiding place for the puppies and finally found it a few days ago. She was under a pile of rocks very well hidden so we weren't even able to get a pic of the little puppies but once we do i will be sharing them with you all :)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Active Bees!!

We have been quite busy around here the past few weeks and finally had a bit of time yesterday to check on the bee hives. We knew they were doing well but you always need to check anyways.
My husband went yesterday evening for a quick look and came back happy and surprised. He brought back some all natural bees wax done by the bees. It seems they realized they did not have enough room anymore so they started making their own wax to keep the eggs! it's so interesting..these bees really literally work their butts off every single day and don't waste a single minute.
Anyways, what my husband did was install a new floor (i am sure there's a different term for that but i am not aware of it LOL) well it's basically like a new floor in their house which is made up of ready bees wax that they can directly use to put honey and eggs in, so no need for them to work and waste time in making the wax! :)

here's a few pics to show you a bit more what i mean! You can clearly see the small white worm like things in the middle..these are the eggs!! so wonderful! I love bees :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Farm Visits

It feels like such a long time since i last posted! i haven't had much time lately but there is so much to share. I have had some personal engagements mainly some paperwork and preparation to visit my sister in the Netherlands next month which i am super excited about as well as some farm related ideas and tiny projects.
We have had a few guests on the farm. All people we know like my previous boss and his family as well as my cousin and her family kind of to prepare ourselves for the eco tourism project we wish to eventually master.
We are having mainly tours for the children and showing them around, teaching them about the animals whether cows, chickens, bees and even the dogs who seem to be enjoying having new people over the most hehe

The last visit was my cousin and her family who passed by last Friday and enjoyed themselves a lot. We had breakfast of all local dairy products and eggs and my cousin actually gave me a nice idea of opening a bed and breakfast here. It's quite interesting coz there is not much financing needed and we already have some empty rooms so that is a project i will definitely be giving more thought.

It's such a nice feeling to see the kids enjoying themselves so much. they never want to leave and they ask the cutest questions. Last time Yvan (pic on the left) was like what's milking?! after we had asked him whether he wants to milk the cow. 
We hope to be inspirational to the kids and have a positive influence on them as well as educate them on farm and animal related issues which then they would share with their friends and who knows maybe a few farmers will evolve! :)