Monday, February 4, 2013


Today was a cheese filled day and so far i can't breathe! I had cheese with my eggs for breakfast (lots and lots), cheese with my pasta for lunch and a grilled cheese sandwich for the afternoon and the night is young!
The thing is i just adore cheese, its all i dream about ESPECIALLY if i'm on a diet (which is currently the case). I know its loaded with calories, especially the yellow or processed cheeses but it's one of my passions and thankfully i live at a dairy farm ;)
The cheeses we make here though are all white cheese, mainly the most known in Lebanon. Halloum, Double Kreme, Baladiye, Akkawi and Akkawi Cheke. The difference between the last two is simply that the Cheke is the one used for making Kenfe and Lebanese sweets which means IT MELTS! pretty amazing and mouthwatering if you ask me..
I will soon be posting the procedures on how to make each kind. It's all pretty straightforward and if there is anything else anyone wishes to learn more about do leave a comment and we'd be more than happy to share!