Saturday, February 9, 2013

It's a Beautiful Day

It's one of those beautiful weathers today. Sunny, blue skies, not too warm but not too cold. Just perfect! The birds did wake me up as usual by picking on the brick roof but that's ok. Outside if you look closely at the flowers, which are blooming way before time but look absolutely lovely, you can see the bees  hopping joyfully from one to another and that makes you smile without even knowing it.

Even the cows love this weather, they hate cold breezes, rain and heat. They are very sensitive creatures and any change in their routine would disrupt them and then they end up producing less milk and you can even sense that they're unhappy. Love them and they will love you back. The chickens of course are out and about today, taking in the sun's warmth and having a feast of earthworms :)

Sometimes, most of the times in fact, i prefer the company of animals instead of humans. They just love you unconditionally, keep you company, play with you, eat with you (if you let them :P) jealousy, hate, gossip, no negative energy basically! It's all so simple and that's what makes it awesome!
I'd better go out and enjoy the weather too since everyone else seems to be...