Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sad sad Country

It' a shame really..such a beautiful and promising country yet you have all these imbeciles and selfish so called "leaders" trying to make it their own. I sometime wish i wasn't born in Lebanon, what is this stupid small country which does not offer any stability and you are sure to come across at least one war in your lifetime if you chose to live in it. It's so depressing not being able to plan ahead and if you do there is that constant thought and fear in the back of your head going " there might be a war tomorrow and you  might lose it all in a second.." then can i start over?, will i even survive?, will i be able to escape? these questions are constantly lingering in my head and i bet a lot of other people living here as well. I look at my parents and they have literally wasted 20 years of their lives in the civil war running from one place to another, trying not to get killed. Yet people all over the world were living their lives, planning their futures, having happy families...it's so unfair!. 
A gorgeous view in South Lebanon

I will not lie, me and my husband have been pondering the idea of getting the hell out of this country but we have the business which we love and hope to be able to see it grow and evolve. You meet people living abroad and they say Lebanon is amazing and they wish they never left, they say they are living day to day working like donkeys and they feel like their lives are passing them by. But on the other hand they have retirement options, peace of mind and plenty of other benefits this country has never even heard of. Then they tell you, you have your own business here?! then stay!! you should stay! it would be a big mistake to go work for other people when you have something of your own and you're your own boss. They do have a point, but then comes that voice in the back of your head reminding you that NOTHING and NO ONE is safe here so you end up making the choice of your life and hoping it's the right one. 
To us well we have not yet made our final decision. You can say we are still trying our luck here but also considering our options abroad so no one really knows what the future holds....We just try to stay positive and make the most of every single day.