Sunday, February 3, 2013

How It Started

Ok so here goes...I was always a city girl, i loved it! i thought i could never live outside the great capital Beirut, it had everything i needed, i could go anywhere in a matter of minutes whether to school, college or work. At one point in my life i met my current husband, we were 18 and still in school. Getting to know him he told me his family owned a dairy farm in Kinnarit, South of Lebanon which seemed odd to me. I had never met anyone who had a farm before, lets face it i had never seen a cow up close! the only animal i was familiar with were cats and that's because you can find them stray in all the streets of Beirut. It didn't occur to me at that time that i might actually marry this person. Then it happened, after almost 10 years we decided it was time to get hitched! A few arguments had led to the decision of us even moving and living in the house at the farm which would be a nice 2 story house with a front and back yard all freshly built by my husbands dad. I fought a lot a first i have to say then i succumbed mainly due to the fact that its not smart to leave a free house and choose to pay almost half our earnings each month on a house in the city for around 50 years :S Also, there had to be a few sacrifices on my side since my husband wanted to ultimately work at the farm and so the decision was made.

First year was quite a hassle, i was working at the airport and did not know how to drive yet so poor husband had to drive back and forth daily to take me there then pick me up in the afternoon. Thus arose the need for me to find a job closer to home especially since even after i got my license and fair amount of practice i was too scared to drive the highway alone. I did eventually find a job 20 mins from home, in Saida, and it was good for a while until i came to another big life decision. Don't get me wrong here, i am not the only one who thought living at the farm would be strange and a completely new experience, my husband did too. You see he also spent all his life living in the city and at first when we moved he also had a corporate job in Beirut as a Logistics Manager. He quit his job and took on the farmer's job almost a year after we moved, which was 2010. Back to me, i was going to work daily and by and by wondering what the hell i was doing, i had never liked any job i was in and there is a family business sitting there waiting for me so i finally did it! i quit! i decided i would help my husband with his business and it was time for me to stop working for other people!

This all happened back in October 2012. And so far it has been amazing! i have completely shed the city life (i still go to visit friends and family) and am  officially a farm loving wife! who would have thought right?!...certainly not me hehehe...