Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Back from The Market

Today was HECTIC!!! We had our first ever Earth Market in Hamra and came back a while ago and let me tell you...we are exhausteddddddd
We woke up at around 3:00 AM and prepared everything then headed straight to Beirut for usual milk delivery to our daily customer then practically RAN to the market and did not make it in time hehe...we were around half an hour late AND we forgot the eggs at home!!
So we got there all excited and what not, ready with our flyers, banner for fresh milk and even an ipad to display farm pictures constantly and perhaps lure in some clients. Our spirits were high! until....we brought down the refrigerator only to be told to move it up a bit as our place was not where we had agreed on the previous week which was no biggy. We made our way to the other end of the market feeling strangely pierced by eyes everywhere, we looked around and it seemed all other sellers were staring with anger and jealousy, some even made their way to our products and started staring and asking all sorts of silly questions and one of them even belted "what the hell i thought they were putting these ppl at the end of the market not HERE!" at first we thought not to care much as we are not there to make friends, we are there to make a name for ourselves and SELL. Turns out later that we were getting a tiny spot in someone else's tent and would not be getting this chance again..so in a nice way...we're not coming back coz the oldies did not accept to move an inch..which is not very nice! this gave a huge hit in our morale and we decided to up a leave, even before we sat down. Showing discontent, and a while later a few of the more nice marketers decided to squeeze us in between them. It was a very tight and uncomfortable position but we had to make the most of it and decided to give it a chance! we spent the day getting people to taste the products, handing out flyers and letting them learn more about what it is we do and sell. We even sold a few things, not as much as we had hoped but still a good start. 
At the end, it turned out to be a whole lot of work for a whole little revenue...so not worth it to us. Also the fact that we were working in an environment that kind of well, in an effort to say it nicely, HATED US, which was not very encouraging and that we were stuck with a table squeezed between two other sellers was also a blow. We decided the street market business is not for us, we'd rather work on the farm itself and have people come over for visits with their kids where they can also buy products and we'd also rather focus on online sales as well.
So there's our market experience, i can't say we were not excited yet we do not regret it. We got to meet some great people and learned something new about ourselves :)

I realize the below pic is not related but i like it too much hehe