Sunday, February 24, 2013


One of the most exciting things at the farm are when a cow gives birth. You get to witness a miracle and they make it look so easy!! usually my husband leaves the cow for 2 hours so that she would have a chance at a normal birth before interfering that is of course unless something out of the ordinary takes place in which case he would step right in. This week was a record of 6 baby calves :) 4 males and 2 females and thankfully it's not that cold which makes caring for them a bit easier. The last newborn was so excited that he actually started sniffing and looking around while half of him was still inside his mom (pic below).

We have designed a tiny "nursery" for the little ones which is located at the back of the farm. Its an enclosed warm space where they get to run around and stay water and cold free. 
Some people call and ask for Liba which is kind of Karishe only it's taken from the cows first milking after they give birth which is nutrient full and amazing for the calves. Honestly most of the times we claim we don't have any in order to feed the calves as it is like a baby missing out on his mother's breast milk. It gives them all they need to survive and be healthy. So humans can wait hehehe That's it for today i guess, not much going on but then again a farmers life is known for the routine, which cows love btw and it makes everything a whole lot easier for everyone.