Monday, March 25, 2013

Some Shocking Facts!

A few days ago my husband went an visited a dairy farm near Tyre where the owners also manufacture their own dairy products. The owner there is very nice and my husband was over there arranging with him when and where he wants us to deliver the milk from our farm (he is in need of more milk). the reason i'm sharing this with you all is because after my husband got back from the meeting he was totally shocked at some of the info that guy shared with him in the business. It seems our country is in a much worse shape than we thought. People think they are buying fresh milk and cheese made from fresh milk with no additives but the fact is it's all a bunch of lies.

Apparently even the biggest dairy brands in Lebanon "cheat". They claim not to add solids in their labne but they do. they claim there are no chemicals but there are. Some use margarine and chantilly cream to make their labne and laban more creamy and the public have no idea they are wasting their health away in the process. What's even more disgusting is the fact that the government knows this is being done and they couldn't care less. They conduct their visits (if ever) and check the basic hygiene regulations meanwhile if the manufacturer is adding powered milk to cheese he claims is made from 100% fresh milk they disregard and consider that completely normal!!! We need to educate people so these big companies don't end up fooling everyone and getting away with it and so that the little manufacturers that are using minimal healthy ingredients are punished. I was really upset by what i heard and intend to follow this through and let everyone know the truth.

Will keep you all posted with my findings.