Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bye Bye Sunny

It was a sad day today. Well not exactly sad..let's just call it a mixed feelings day. You see we have had horses on the farm for quite a few years now and at first my husband's family, back when I didn't know my husband, took interest in them and gave them care and love. 
Over the years the two horses they had bred and gave birth to beautiful kids and all the while my husband and his brothers were riding them and grooming them and everything. After a few years everyone lost interest. The boys grew up, barely spent time at the farm and all the attention started being given to the cows.
My husband was very much into the horses until he fell over one a few times and hurt his back and ever since he steered clear.
Anyways, when we moved here there were two horses left of the entire happy family. These two were locked up in the barn, barely moving. You could see them sad and lonely. Last year one of them died. We don't know how or why though, we just found him lying there. And so there was one left, his name was Sunny. Sunny seemed so lonely until finally my husband decided to sell him. I mean we do want to start an eco tourism project where kids mostly would come visit the farm and see how everything works but we can also get an older horse for the kids rides since it would only be a few minutes each rather than keep Sunny locked up there and we do have some time until that project sees the light.
Today Sunny was gone. I was sad to see him leave but happy because we sold him to the town's horse lovers. Two guys who have a passion for horses and take excellent care of them. And this way we would still get to see Sunny from time to time in the area which is nice.
Sometimes you just have to let go and make room for something new. The area is now occupied by the young and cute adorable calves and so everyone is happy :)