Thursday, May 9, 2013

Active Bees!!

We have been quite busy around here the past few weeks and finally had a bit of time yesterday to check on the bee hives. We knew they were doing well but you always need to check anyways.
My husband went yesterday evening for a quick look and came back happy and surprised. He brought back some all natural bees wax done by the bees. It seems they realized they did not have enough room anymore so they started making their own wax to keep the eggs! it's so interesting..these bees really literally work their butts off every single day and don't waste a single minute.
Anyways, what my husband did was install a new floor (i am sure there's a different term for that but i am not aware of it LOL) well it's basically like a new floor in their house which is made up of ready bees wax that they can directly use to put honey and eggs in, so no need for them to work and waste time in making the wax! :)

here's a few pics to show you a bit more what i mean! You can clearly see the small white worm like things in the middle..these are the eggs!! so wonderful! I love bees :)