Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I love farming and the fact that you can witness the birth and growth of animals is just amazing.
We love dogs and although we initially got them for safeguarding the premises we spoil them so much that they love people now. So instead of attacking strangers they now run to people to get petted and loved!! Even though some of them are quite intimidating due to size once people realize they just want to be loved they all start playing with them.
Our very own Sila who was adopted with her sisters and brothers from a friend of a friend and was pregnant a few weeks back. I was waiting so anxiously to see the babies especially since i had never seen puppies when they are super small.
A month ago she gave birth and we spent a few days looking for her and her pups, until finally we found her under a water tank with the tiny babies. My husband told me it will not be for another couple of weeks till they are able to see and walk so i was peeking at them daily to check the progress. There are nine of them!! :O poor thing she has so many mouths to feed.
Today i heard the yapping outside and went to check on the cute little things, they were wandering around and growling lol here's a few all we need are 9 names heheh