Monday, October 28, 2013

Thank you Bees!

I love bees!! i love honey!
I never knew i actually liked honey even though we always had it in our house. My parents used to buy the usual commercial stuff and i never seemed to like that, it was always too sweet for my liking and i knew they had to add sugar to mass produce otherwise the jar would cost a lot more than it did.

Finally this year we got to taste our very own honey from our very own hard working wonderful bees and let me assure was everything i had hoped it would be..sure it had a bit of a smokey flavor from my husband using the smoker around the little buzzers a lot but thats ok...i still think it's pretty awesome tasting :)

whats really getting on my nerves these days is all those articles i am stumbling upon about all the dead bees...millions and millions dying for no reason! they just up and die on their definitely has to do with all the nasty pesticides used on the plants and veggies we eat mindlessly and that needs to change. I read a few articles about the USA trying to ban the use of a few products and i really hope these things are banned worldwide..people do not seems to be aware of the importance of bees but the fact is 4 years after the bees are dead we are dead!! no more mankind!!! so simple yet it seems we are headed that way...spread the word! love the bees!!