Wednesday, August 14, 2013

All About Us :)

Ola Everyone! We are quite excited over here and we hope your day has been as rewarding as ours :)
Anyone living on a dairy farm knows a farmer's life is quite monotonous and can be a bit boring to tell you the truth. Not much goes on, it's all routine and the animals like that but it can really take a toll on you. So anyways, enough of the boring talk, let's get to the reason of my excitement hehe
A few weeks back a reporter for NOW online contacted me wanting to visit the farm and write and article about us. It seems my sister knows her and had told he about how we do things and so she decided an article is in order :)
We have been trying to schedule a date suitable for all of us for quite some time now and finally last week it worked!
Yasmina Hatem passed by along with Basil, a long term friend my husband and have come to know since he is very good friends with my brother in law. 
We had a chat and a few laughs then it was off to meet and greet our glorious cows, chickens and bees. 
They finished the visit and we gave them a few of our products and Yasmina told us she would let me know once the article is done. I was so excited already hehe
Yesterday she sent me the link and we were so happy with it, it's nice because it was describing why we make our choices for what we do around here. The fact that we are not organic and why as well as a few details about our chickens and bees.
Here's a few nice pics and info from the article:

It's always nice to get recognized and here's a link for everyone to enjoy.
Have a good one! :)